CHUNGDAHMC training and workshops

CHUNGDAHM has earned a reputation for having the finest facilitators and teaching methods. Initial training ensures that facilitators are well-versed in the methodology, structure, and expectations of the classroom. All facilitators are required to receive up to one week of initial training at one of CHUNGDAHM’s corporate training centers, prior to their first day of class.

Facilitators have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and gain feedback and support from their trainers and fellow trainees. For individuals with limited or no teaching experience, initial training will provide a strong foundation for growth and development. At the same time, seasoned professionals can gain first-hand knowledge of how CHUNGDAHM’s methodology for ESL in Korea is unique.

The CHUNGDAHM training center is comprised of experienced and professional facilitators who are dedicated to ensuring an optimal environment for both students and facilitators.


  • Orientation
  • Programs and curriculum
  • Class structure and model lessons
  • Lesson planning and presentation
  • CHUNGDAHM teaching philosophy
  • Facilitator-student interaction and class management
  • Teaching skills and demonstration
  • Counseling and motivating students
  • Cultural information

Facilitators will receive additional on-the-job training and support as needed. Facilitators may need to attend informational meetings with their Faculty Managers and/or Team Leaders in order to receive helpful feedback and tips as they build their experience at CHUNGDAHM. Workshops are also held throughout the academic term to help facilitators further develop and share their teaching ideas with peers and training staff.




CHUNGDAHM will also assist the facilitator with more practical concerns. The staff at each campus will help facilitators with matters such as registering with the Ministry of Education, opening a bank account, learning the bus and subway system, and paying bills. Facilitators will find that they are provided with the support and feedback necessary to make their stay in Korea a comfortable and memorable experience.


A Chungdahm Certificate (CDC) is given to all those who successfully complete training. The CDC is valid for one month, so one can complete training and receive Chungdahm training up to one month before the start of employment, allowing instructors time to explore Korea, before they begin teaching.
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