testimonials from CHUNGDAHM faculty

Jason Lee Ritzer
University of North Florida, MBA
Former Head Instructor for Interactive Listening Program
Currently Faculty Manager at CHUNGDAHM Main Branch

After studying abroad in graduate school, I decided I wanted to travel and learn about other customs and cultures. Why not visit my mother’s native country to learn the culture and language? I came to Korea in 2003 and worked at a run-of-the-mill hagwon but heard more and more of this prestigious institute called CHUNGDAHM. My friends said I would love the challenging work environment there, so in 2004 I had the privilege of being accepted into the CHUNGDAHM family.

After a year at CHUNGDAHM, I can affirm that it has far exceeded my expectations. The rigorous training was intimidating at first but necessary in order to prepare instructors for the demanding classroom environment. The students here are extremely bright, hard-working, and diligent, making the classroom very competitive and intense. The management, instructors, and staff are all dedicated with the goal of teaching Korea’s future leaders. Along the way, I’ve seen good people come and go, but I can whole-heartedly say that I’ve met some life-long friends here at CHUNGDAHM.

CHUNGDAHM’s growth is, not just a sign of its past success, but also a sign of its future. The devotion and loyalty that lie within this institution are inconceivable. It is not a dictatorship like some hagwons where wonjangs bark orders at teachers. It has a very effective hierarchy with a bottom-up approach and a management team that listens to all of the instructors’ opinions. The passion and compassion the instructors have for teaching Korea’s future leaders are second to none. It is evident through the countless hours sacrificed each day researching, preparing, and even teaching.

The world is becoming smaller, and with English as the “International Language”, Korea has shown a commitment that will make this country more competitive on a global scale. CHUNGDAHM is constantly adapting and changing to better educate the future leaders of Korea. There lies a great responsibility in molding the future leaders of, not only Korea, but also the world. I am tremendously proud to tell people where I work and what I am a part of.

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