testimonials from CHUNGDAHM faculty

Johnny Song
George Mason University, B.S. in Management Information Systems
Current Head Instructor at CHUNGDAHM ANYANG

When I first heard about CHUNGDAHM, I had the impression that it was a very strict English institute. I heard rumors about how much homework they gave out to students, how late they finish, and all about the penalties they give when student don’t meet certain criteria. However, after becoming a CHUNGDAHM instructor, I found out it was much more than just “strict rules.”

During initial training, I never knew any institute could offer such systematic training. Even though I had 2 years of teaching experience, it was a challenge in which I learned what I must improve on to become a better teacher. I also found out about all the unique things about CHUNGDAHM. For example, I could feel the sense of professionalism in the air, which was what I was looking for in an institute. Its programs and textbooks were taut and well-made, and I noticed that the school takes good care of its instructors and staff.

When I was assigned to my school, I felt very confident and did not have any problems whatsoever. Many people were always there to help me and answer any question that I had. I was reassured that I had the support I needed when necessary. I really loved the fact that teachers are designated to “their own” class room, and get their own desk and computer. There I could concentrate and prepare for my class in a cozy, private atmosphere. I feel this is what gives CHUNGDAHM that competitive advantage over other English institutes. Also, although there are ongoing workshops that teachers have to attend, it’s useful and actually helps us in our teaching routines and makes us become more effective in class. When I use the methodologies and see students who become better at English, I feel a tremendous joy deep within myself, for I know it was I who helped them improve. I know for sure I couldn’t have done it without all the continuous support from CHUNGDAHM. Watching kids improve day by day and getting a “Thank you, teacher” from them is a priceless thing I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.

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