testimonials from CHUNGDAHM faculty

Emil Kim
Rutgers University, New Brunswick, B.A. in Psychology
Current CHUNGDAHM Prep Instructor

Like many twenty-somethings, the transitional period of my life between college and career was characterized by uncertainty, insecurity, and indecision. I asked myself the same question every morning. What do I want from life? I was working a 9 to 5 job in Manhattan at the time, a job not unlike millions of others. The monotony sucked the energy and passion from my life. I was dying a little bit every day. But I stayed for 2 years, rationalizing to myself that this is what people do. Perhaps I am being a bit dramatic but this is what I felt at the time.

I look back at that period of my life sometimes and smile because life at CHUNGDAHM has been good to me. The contrast is sharpened and my life shines a bit brighter. CHUNGDAHM has offered me the precious things that I could not previously find and I am in the rare and enviable position of being fully cognizant of this fact.
I appreciate the fact that every day at CHUNGDAHM brings new challenges. Like the challenge of figuring out how to teach appreciation for the beauty of Shakespeare's words to a young Korean student with only basic English skills.

I appreciate the freedom offered by the almost criminally high income few other people my age enjoy, especially in light of the low cost of living and even lower rate of tax.

I appreciate the fact that CHUNGDAHM offers an environment that fuses professionalism with a family-like atmosphere, and a well-structured management system with openness to suggestions and input.

I appreciate the fact that at CHUNGDAHM teaching does not equate to babysitting. I especially appreciate having engaging conversations with colleagues about teaching methodology or participating in workshops to improve my teaching skills.

I appreciate the fact that CHUNGDAHM is a burgeoning corporate behemoth whose mission is truly admirable and whose ambitions I can fully support such as its goal of striving for the improvement of education in Korea and the world.

But most of all, I appreciate the fact that my life is now full of energy and passion, that every morning (or afternoon) I wake up I look forward to work, that the word 'job' no longer accurately encapsulates what I do, and that I am happy. Don't get me wrong though. Life at CHUNGDAHM and Korea is not all rosebushes and plum fairies. There are and will be some tough times. You may have to work some weekends and most
holidays. There is a lot of prep work. CHUNGDAHM expects as much or more from its employees as any other company I have ever worked for. But hard work in the name of a cause you believe in, for a goal you envision, for a life you dream of, is not hard at all but immeasurably rewarding.

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