testimonials from CHUNGDAHM faculty

Angella Min
University of Pennsylvania, B.A. in Women’s Studies
Current Instructor in Ivy Ville Program

What's most impressive about CHUNGDAHM is its ability to answer to the needs of three distinct, and at times conflicting, groups: the students and their parents, the instructors, and the business enterprise. CHUNGDAHM not only develops each group, but forges all three into a cohesive entity, making CHUNGDAHM the successful educational facility that it is.

If you've taught at a typical hagwon in Korea, you will immediately discern that things are different at CHUNGDAHM, and positively so. Not subjected to the vagaries affecting smaller hagwons, including lack of students, lack of resources, and poor communication between instructors and "management", CHUNGDAHM operates more efficiently, even with its enormous number of students, provides instructors with reference materials and training, and, encourages a genuine "open-door" policy, where communication between the instructors and directors are encouraged.

I feel fortunate to have been summoned to teach at CHUNGDAHM. I am looking forward to the continued challenges, rewards, and professional growth.

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