testimonials from CHUNGDAHM faculty

Helen S. Park
UCLA B.A. Greek and Latin
Former Instructor

I look back at my year in Korea with CHUNGDAHM with fond remembrance. This was the year that changed my life. A former corporate marketer who launched campaigns with media giants in New York, I am now an English teacher at a private girls school in Brentwood, California, and I couldn't be happier.

Teaching made me realize again the value and goodness of humanity-all that is right in the world. There is no better salve for the cynical and weather-beaten soul than the pure enthusiasm and will of the Korean elementary-, middle-, or high-school student. Their fierce dedication to you and your classes will be unlike anything you've ever seen, and this, on top of the six-school-day week they are managing already.

If you are a recent college graduate or a seasoned professional, you will have no better first or next employer than CHUNGDAHM. I have worked at and with some of the biggest and most respected names in the corporate world as a top manager, and I have never worked with a company so nimble, quick, and bureaucracy-free. The management is personable, sincere, and professional. Chung Dahm is refreshing in that very few managers are "fake," and most importantly-they work as hard as you do, if not harder.

The year and the opportunity to live and work in another country is being served to you on a platter. My advice to you is to take the leap, go abroad, and take this opportunity to learn about yourself, and how easily you can adapt to change. Most importantly, be open-minded and open-hearted. What you make of your year-the quality of the relationships with your students, your colleagues, your managers, and the Korean and international communities-is up to you.

A year has passed since I returned to the states, and I am pleased to still be touch with some of my students and colleagues via email. It is a privilege and an uplifting and heart-warming experience to be able to continue to encourage and advise my former students. I know that these students will go on to great things-create new inventions, discover cures, defend innocent people, drive economies, and teach and inspire all of those around them. The question is: Will you?