testimonials from CHUNGDAHM faculty

Gavin Hudson
University of California, Davis
Comparative Literature, French Literature,
Italian Literature, B.A.

The most important consideration in picking a school is work environment. I have only praise and gratitude for the generous support I've received from the staff at my CHUNGDAHM Campus. I don't remember ever once feeling frustrated or underappreciated-just the opposite. The CHUNGDAHM Campus I work for offers all of the job attributes that make a financially attractive job also personally rewarding. I felt that my input was valued, my time was well-spent, and I had the opportunity to accept greater responsibilities as I progressed. In addition to the top-rate work environment itself, the staff made every effort to offer the English teachers the best possible all-around experience in Korea. If I ever had a problem at school or at home, I only had to mention it and the staff would help with a solution. They even took the English teachers on a number of fun hikes and excursions to local cultural sites. In every way, my school went above and beyond to offer the best work environment an ESL teacher could hope for.

If you decide to come to my CHUNGDAHM Campus, you'll find a great place to live, ample opportunities to dive into the Korean culture, and, most importantly, a supportive, comfortable work environment. At least, that's what I've found at my CHUNGDAHM Campus. I can't speak highly enough of my time at my CHUNGDAHM Campus. As you adjust to life in Korea, you'll find that the CHUNGDAHM teachers at my location are a small, closeknit, and friendly group. You'll fit in right away, feel welcomed by the staff and the teachers, and soon settle in to enjoy a fantastic country, culture, and employment opportunity.