testimonials from CHUNGDAHM faculty

Steven Lee
University of Toronto, B.A. in East Asian Studies
Current Head Instructor for Interactive Reading Program

I have been an instructor at CHUNGDAHM for the past six months and I feel as if I have finally found a home here in Korea. I have been in Korea for about four years now and I have been from one school to another. In a country where there is an English academy on every corner, it can be very difficult to find one that would satisfy your every need.

I began working here last August and since then I have a renewed desire to teach. It's a lot of hard work, there's no denying that. But it is rewarding. Many come and go to Korea to teach English but few have stayed because they don't see a future here. With CHUNGDAHM, my future seems a lot clearer.

CHUNGDAHM is not an ordinary "hagwon" that cares only to prosper financially. They are professional, dedicated, and passionate because although it may be a business, they actually care about providing the best education for their students.
This is an institution where not only the students can learn and grow, but the instructors as well. Some may stay for a year, others a lifetime. But either way, they receive you with a smile and say goodbye with a friendly handshake letting you know that you are always welcome back.