living in korea

Korea is a unique mix of sophisticated commercial centers and impressive, traditional attractions. A history and culture that goes back nearly 5,000 years coexists side by side with Louis Vuitton and Starbucks. An eclectic mix of mountains and rivers, majestic palaces, and ultramodern skyscrapers highlight the country's unique horizon.

Also known as the "most wired" country in the world, Korea is famous for its internet connectivity and the leadership role it plays in the IT industry. As the 10th largest economy in the world, anyone can find just about anything in Korea. For example, English books and movies are readily available along with a variety of Western foods from take-outs to family restaurants.

For the adventurer, Korea's proximity to other Asian countries makes it an excellent hub for travel. Trips to Thailand, China, and Japan are the most common. Traveling within Korea is made easy by the clean, modern, and inexpensive public transportation system.
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