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Living in Korea can be an eye opening experience if it is your first time immersed in an Asian culture. Below are some useful tips that can help you form expectations.


Seoul is a large city of twelve million people. To accommodate the needs of people living here, from single business executives to young college students, there are many different types of bachelor suites and studio apartments available.

As an instructor at CHUNGDAHM, you will be living in a typical studio apartment/bachelor suite that caters to the busy life of a single person. These apartments tend to be smaller than typical Western-style apartments, but are spacious enough to live comfortably. Fortunately, these apartments are in good condition and are very clean. If you are expecting a big fancy loft, you will find yourself disappointed, but if you have a positive and realistic attitude about housing in a large Asian city, you will be pleasantly surprised. All of these apartments have modern, western-style bathroom facilities with a toilet, sink and shower. Bathtubs however are generally rare in single housing accommodation in Korea.

Most CHUNGDAHM instructors find housing in a "Villa" or an "Office-tell." Villas and Office-tells range in price anywhere from approximately $500 per month up to $1200 per month on average. Keep in mind that the lower end of the range is for apartments outside of Seoul, while the higher end of the range is for apartments in downtown, Seoul. Villas and office-tells come either with furnishings or without. Of course, furnished apartments tend to be more expensive.

A. Villa

Four to five-story buildings that offer accommodation are referred to as "Villas" in Korea. Most of these buildings are located in the residential areas of the city and are more affordable due to the low maintenance costs. These buildings typically have an owner that resides in the building who plays the role of a superintendent.

B. Office-tells

Tall buildings that offer unit accommodation (alongside business or commercial space) are called "Office-tells." Office-tells are fairly new, which means they all come with modern features. Most of the suites in Office-tells have keyless entry and other neat conveniences, depending on the location. The costs however may be higher than those of a villa due to the building maintenance costs (approximately $50~$150 per month). One of the advantages of living in an Officetel is the close proximity to shops and services, which may sometimes be situated in the building itself.

If you choose the monthly remuneration option where apartment rent is included as part of your salary and benefits, you will receive a furnished apartment within 10-15 minutes from your school location. Furnishings will include a bed, gas stove range, refrigerator, washer, A/C.