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3 What is an Alien Registration Card?
Answer After you arrive in Korea you will also need to obtain an ID card, called the Alien Registration Card, within 90 days of your arrival. You can obtain your ARC at the Seoul Immigration Office where you will need to submit four passport-sized photos and pay 10,000 KRW (approx. $10.00 USD). Although it is rare to be asked to show your card to a police officer for inspection, it is required under Korean law that you carry it with you at all times.
2 My visa says that it is a single entry visa. What does this mean?
Answer CHUNGDAHM is responsible for providing instructors with a single entry visa. This visa allows the instructors to enter Korea only once. Instructors who plan to go abroad during their contract period must go to the Immigration Office and pay a fee to have their visa changed to multiple entry status. (Note: Americans are usually issued multiple entry visas automatically when the E-2 visa is stamped into their passport but please confirm with the Korean Embassy or Consulate)
1 What are all the documents necessary for me to get a work visa? Who takes care of the work visa application process?
Answer First, CHUNGDAHM will apply for an E-2 visa code on the instructor's behalf. It usually takes about 5~10 days to get a visa number from the Korean Immigration Office. The Instructor must prepare the following documents:

1. Current resume
2. A photocopy of your valid passport (the front picture page)
3. Original diploma (not photocopy) * A letter from the registrar’s office confirming graduation is no longer valid.
4. Two official SEALED transcripts including university stamp on the envelope flap
5. Two passport-sized pictures
6. Clean (no record) criminal background check with authenticating Apostille or notarization and certification from Korean Embassy/Consulate (depending on country).

After receiving the visa code from CHUNGDAHM, the instructor must visit a Korean Embassy or Consulate outside Korea to acquire the E-2 visa stamp in his or her passport. The instructor must present the visa code, application form, process fee and passport to the consulate. This process can take up to 5 days.
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