While we provide answers to some basic questions below, we advise you to thoroughly read our website for information. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions during the interview process.

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6 Are there any split shifts?
Answer There are no split shifts at CHUNGDAHM where, for instance, classes are in the morning and then in the evening, leaving you with an odd block of time in middle of the day. Classes are conducted in blocks of 6 hours in the late afternoons; therefore instructors have the mornings and early afternoons to themselves.
5 Do you provide all the necessary materials for classroom instruction?
Answer CDI provides a full curriculum complete with day-to-day schedule, quizzes, teacher guidelines, answer keys and supplementary material. Our web-based administration system also makes it very easy for instructors to administer student grades, comments, attendance and reports.
4 How many students are in the class?
Answer Class size is limited to a maximum of 16 students for regular classes. Class sizes may vary, however, depending on the level of the course. “Master-level” classes, for example, typically have sizes of 8-10 per class.
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