Expression Learning표현어학원


Expression Learning opened in September 2011 and utilizes digital textbooks and the Smart Class system to provide a program suited to prepare middle and high school students for essay-type school tests.

Expression Learning’s 500 and TRIANGLE programs help students learn various expressions and background knowledge about the topic through the TKS(Topic Knowledge System), which is an effective Speaking and Writing learning method certified by KATE(the Korean Association of Teachers of English). These programs are very effective for difficult essay-type questions as well as preparation for school tests.

Moreover, the Smart Class learning system that is connected to the students’ tablet PCs allows for instantaneous participation and communication. This allows for heightened concentration conducive to enhanced student abilities, as well as higher class satisfaction by enabling meticulous learning catered to each student.



CLUEVILLE is Chungdahm Learning’s “Hybrid Open Academy” which aims to foster students’ ability to communicate and express themselves through “virtual experience” and reciprocal communicative learning. This is done with an ESL environment based on a 3D platform.

CLUEVILLE’s objective is to foster English communication ability. Through CLUE’s Main program, students will be able to develop reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities of a seventh grader according to the standard school curriculum. They will also aim for the ability to utilize what they have learned to express their thoughts in connected sentences and develop their thinking abilities through experiential learning, as well as foster their comprehension skills through storytelling-based fundamental study.

CLUEVILLE makes it possible to study through a new platform, breaking away from the pre-existing study method of lectures or listening/speaking drills. CLUEVILLE also provides an open-type hybrid-structure learning service that can be accessed from school and home and is tailor-made for virtual ESL experiential learning and interdisciplinary on/offline contents.

Chungdahm Immersion SchoolCIS


CHUNGDAHM provides an array of overseas programs designed to provide learners with opportunities to grow as global leaders through multicultural experience. The CHUNGDAHM Immersion School (CIS) is a wholly-owned and operated subsidiary of CHUNGDAHM Learning based in Boston, Massachusetts. CIS provides intensive language learning, program learning, project learning, and experiential learning programs to dramatically accelerate students’ proficiency, self leadership, and motivation.

Chungdahm AmericaReadWrite Aclipse


Chungdahm America, based outside of Boston, was founded in 2006 and runs two businesses: Aclipse, which provides Chungdahm Learning and other private education companies in Asia with teachers for their English language programs. Chungdahm America also operates Chungdahm ReadWrite which provides after school and summer programs focused on helping students develop exceptional critical reading and writing skills. Chungdahm America operates a learning center outside of Boston. There are also three ReadWrite locations in Southern California.

Blue SpringsBlue Springs

Blue Springs incorporates imaginative thinking with Chungdahm Learning’s original English programs to provide an EFL environment for children aged 5-7 years.

To ensure children learn in a fun environment, they have obtained the licenses from The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art, based in Massachusetts, U.SA. Based on Eric Carle’s world famous picture books, they have created a one of a kind art & crafts program to develop children’s imagination and artistic abilities.

They have opened their first branch in Seocho-gu, Banpo-dong and plan on opening 50 more branches and hiring 500 Art Educators (A.E) to expand the company. Their ultimate strategy for 2015 is to become the leading children’s English and Arts academy.

April InstituteApril어학원

Launched in September 2007, the CHUNGDAHM April Institute uses creativity and art as its core concept. Our aim is to allow students to use active imagination, artistic sensibility and expression to study creative thinking and problem solving. We also help students develop cross-curricular knowledge based on a variety of topics pre-selected from textbooks used in Korean, American, Japanese and Chinese school curriculums. In 2012, the CHUNGDAHM April Institute also unveiled its highly anticipated new program ‘April 2.0’ to meet the ever-rising expectations of our customers for greater interactivity and creative learning strategies.

In this high-technology era, April Institute makes wide use of Information Technology to enable our own curriculum to be delivered effectively through a Smart board. This allows the classroom environment to be more fun and enjoyable for our students. Through the touch screen display and digital books, students can take part in various activities which results in an overall increase of class quality as well as motivating our students to further their English studies.

Since its conception, the CHUNGDAHM April Institute has continually strived to become the standard carrier for English institutes targeting Korean elementary school students. By becoming a part of our company, you will be given a chance to make a difference in Korean students’ lives and indeed your own. With professionalism and a creative heart, we invite you to help us to achieve our goals for excellence in English instruction.