Curriculum Division

Exemplified by its industry-leading programs and content, CHUNGDAHM's success as an educational services provider lies in the power of its Curriculum Division. Composed of a collection of international experts in various fields, the Curriculum Division is committed to the enhancement of its unique ESL methodology.

CHUNGDAHM’s ESL methodology focuses on the critical-thinking element of language communication in ESL to foster clear and effective communication. Its goal is not to make Koreans become native English-like speakers or to reach native-like proficiency (by imitating native-English expressions, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation). Its goal is to help students express their thoughts clearly and effectively with others in the global community, regardless what their first language might be.

The main responsibilities of the Curriculum Division can be categorized into three parts: research, project design and planning, and product development. The Curriculum Division conducts world-class research on various disciplines and topics such as second-language acquisition theories, teaching and learning methodologies, linguistics, educational psychology, and ESL assessment. The aim is to apply this research to designing, planning, and developing products for the global educational market. As such, the Curriculum Division requires synergy between theory and practice, as well as onsite knowledge that highlights top-quality products and content.

Following recent advancements in technology, the Curriculum Division leveraged tablet computers as an essential tool to assist students in broadening their understanding of the English language. For example, the Curriculum Division has designed tab-based learning for both in class and at home, essentially creating CHUNGDAHM's Hybrid Learning.

CHUNGDAHM is always considering candidates for its Curriculum Division. For individuals with expertise and experience in language acquisition research, product design and planning, development of ESL content, or work experience in English education, the Curriculum Division provides the opportunity to contribute knowledge and perspective to the advancement of education.