When CHUNGDAHM Learning opened for business in 1998, its objective was to revolutionize the nation's ESL (English as a Second Language) industry by combining the best programs, instructors, researchers, and staff. Over 10 years later, CHUNGDAHM has become the ESL knowledge industry leader and has expanded globally. Today over 60,000 students trust CHUNGDAHM to provide a unique program based in critical thinking and cognitive language development to help them realize their potential. This is made possible by over 1,300 instructors and 390 corporate employees spread across 125 locations in Korea alone.

Through years of aggressive development and continuous adaptation to the needs of East Asian ESL learners, CHUNGDAHM has remained steadfast in its commitment to propel its students toward global success. In 2004, CHUNGDAHM forged copyright partnerships with publishing giants Longman and Scholastic and has since established partnerships with Pearson, Cengage, and Cambridge to publish and co-publish its materials globally. CHUNGDAHM launched its U-learning division in 2005, integrating sophisticated web-based writing and mobile speaking programs into its curriculum.

In 2006, the Company partnered with China's Tsinghua-Uni Group to develop Chinese language programs, launched the first iBT (Internet-based TOEFL) simulation test website in Korea, and established the CHUNGDAHM Immersion School in Canada for overseas study. In 2007, CHUNGDAHM was named the exclusive provider of the Quick Chinese language program in Korea and launched its newest program brand, CHUNGDAHM April English, which is a convergence learning program for elementary-school students.

In 2013, CHUNGDAHM introduced its newest program dubbed ‘CDI 3.0’ which essentially integrates its unique program through smart learning, a first in Korea. Textbooks are no longer used in these classes and are replaced by tablet computers for all students and teachers along with a large flat screen television in all classrooms. More than 20 locations opened up these classes at the start of the autumn term, and virtually all locations use the program as of August 2014.

CHUNGDAHM is proud to have had the opportunity to educate some of the brightest young minds in the country-young people who will continue to pave the way to a promising future for our global community. It is precisely this goal that drives the professionals at CHUNGDAHM, and we invite such professionals to join us in our quest of cultivating the global leaders of tomorrow, today.